RASPBERRIES 2013 - 2014 - Cast bronze w/ bronze bolts (~5"Ø x 9"W 7"H) & wood plinth blocks.   

Breaking through barriers with charcoal, sulphur, and sodium replaced with passion, ambition and inspiration.

The term "raspberries" is slang for road rash, scabs and bruises, or just a wholesome replacement for a curse word.

This work is my homage to everyone who finds courage to persevere through life's struggle with strength of mind and creativity. The iconoclastic symbolism is an emblem of empathy, gratitude, and respect. 

This will be an ongoing work with further exploration into patinas, plating, presentation, and the eventual physical combustion of one of the Raspberries, documented with high speed cameras. Stay tuned...

See more of Raspberries in the gallery below.


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