Have you ever come back to a place or rediscovered things you haven't seen in a long time and were surprised by the contrasts between your memories and the reality? These inexplicable differences like the scale, ratios, and prominence of things, tend to surface...

Tippinghorse is a kinetic sculpture and functioning planter box.

The grand-scale rocking horse is made from recycled pallets, driftwood, and salvaged lumber. The plants will grow variably with the seasons year after year and change the size, shape, colour, smell,  and even the balance point of the piece as a whole. 

All memories are constructed by the mind, and each time we visit them they are reconstructed anew. With every reconstruction they may be altered, depending on the state and reason of recollection. The pathways we take to a memory become worn with use, as where you came from affects how you perceive where you are.

A rocking horse is a familiar symbol of childhood. Here the rocking horse is seen on a grand scale as you would recall a large toy as a child. An unbalanced and dynamic patchwork of gathered and gifted materials. Growing and ever-changing. As the rain falls the piece will become saturated changing the distribution of the weight;

if the tipping point is reached the position will change. As it dries the process is reversed. After time the plants will grow, further altering the balance. The weather and time will patina and rot the wood. Some  plants will thrive, others will be overtaken. Many factors, internal and external, will affect the appearance and position of the Tippinghorse. 


Tippinghorse 2018, salvaged lumber, 

driftwood, dirt, plants. 9'L x 3.5'W x 5'H

Garden St. @ Eaton St., Vancouver BC.

Bryce Larkin & Joel Nicholas Peterson

© 2019 Joel Nicholas Peterson                        

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